psilocybe spores

Taking too much or too little of even the safest medicine will defeat its purpose. According to medical experts studying psilocybe spores, taking improper doses can have far worse consequences, such as leaving you feeling lethargic and causing hallucinations when you take too much, and simply not having any effect when you don’t take enough.

Microdosing has to be done very carefully because of this fact. A lot of the time, those who are new to Psilocybin cubensis and other similar mushrooms won’t know how much to take from the start. The fact is that even with the best information available you still need to go slow and make sure you listen to your body. The first dose should be much smaller than average, and it should be carefully monitored to make sure that you get the desired effects.

Before you even take the dose, talk to your doctor and make sure that you can use them safely. Then establish a small initial dose, and use a journal to track your symptoms and any beneficial reactions that you might have. It also helps to talk to others who have been microdosing for a while and see if they can validate your experiences or give you any additional support and advice.

In many cases, microdosing can create some remarkable effects by improving creativity, cognition and memory. So it’s definitely worth tracking the process properly so you can reach the right dosage.

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