What Is A Mushroom Spore Syringe?

A mushroom spore syringe contains sterilized water and mushroom spores, and it is commonly used by mushroom growers from all across the globe. Because they find their origins in mushroom bodies, there is no guarantee that the spore syringes are not actually contaminated. In this respect, it is highly recommended to let the spores germinate on agar before actually cultivating the desired mushrooms.

spore syringeA syringe usually has millions of spores which float in the sterilized solution. You can use this mushroom inoculation method regardless of the exact type of mushrooms that you intend to grow: medicinal strains, oyster mushrooms or psychedelic mushrooms.

You only need to use a single drop of spore syringe on the agar, and during the next 3 to 7 days, mycelium shall start to form on the agar’s surface. The newly germinated spores can carry bacteria. It may often happen for the mycelium to develop quicker than the bacteria and, in that case, a small portion of the mycelium can be isolated for further growth.

At any rate, in order to successfully use a spore syringe, you need to create an immaculate environment. Moreover, you need to disinfect your hands or use sterilized gloves while handling the spore syringe.

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