psychedelic mushroom spores

A lot of people still believe that magic mushrooms are illegal throughout the United States. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Did you know there are states that have actually decriminalized the ownership and use of these types of mushrooms for a while now? In fact, if you live in Oregon, you can even get a license that gives you the right to administer psychedelic mushroom spores as a professional under certain conditions.

Of course, it’s all still regulated, but three states have made the step already: in California, Colorado and Oregon, the use of magic mushrooms containing the psychedelic substance psilocybin is actually legal. Much earlier than when these states have opened the door to the mushrooms, however, Florida was also considering legalizing the substances as early as 1978. After the Supreme Court Case of Friske vs. Florida, the state actually accepted the fact that ownership of the mushrooms themselves can not be considered illegal, although the substance psilocybin can. As a result, the law is very difficult to interpret correctly, so you could be faced with freedom or jail time depending on how your case might be interpreted.

It’s still very early to hope for decriminalization to occur at the same scale as with marijuana. However, due to the past and recent efforts of those looking to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms, we can probably expect other states to join the party as well.

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