Despite the fact that scientists are still working on finding the exact effects of magic mushrooms on our health, psilocybin is considered able to facilitate neuro-plasticity, which can help our brains rewire. Talk therapy and two doses of psilocybin were found to have very powerful effects against alcoholism. As a matter of fact, 83% of the participants in the study managed to quit heavy drinking. However, the long-term effects of psilocybin yet remain mushroom spores

Oregon has become the first state where they are officially legal. Nevertheless, it may be more difficult to balance things from the point of view of availability of such medical remedy, in the sense that it cannot be covered by medical insurance.

In California there is a bill pending for legalizing the possession, provision, the giving away and the transportation of psilocybin, among other substances. Overall, magic mushrooms are not considered legal in any other parts of the USA, but they have been de-criminalized. So although magic mushrooms are still illegal, the punishment is less severe. In this respect, magic mushrooms have been de-criminalized in almost all the states, except for Georgia, California and Idaho.

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