Where Should You Store Mushroom Spore Syringes

Working with psilocybin mushroom spores is quite challenging, considering the delicate properties of the subjects. Mushroom spores can be conserved in a sterile liquid culture that may be used for cultivation as well as for microscopy. This liquid solution is put into syringes.

However, a liquid culture spore syringe must be stored properly to prevent contamination and make sure they remain viable for as long as possible (it may be 30 days and even longer!).

spore syringe

Why can mushroom spores go bad?

Sometimes, spore syringes expire quicker than they should, and this happens mostly due to the poor quality of the initial spore syringe, or its improper storage.

Spores must be cultivated in a completely sterilized substrate and inoculated in a sterile environment; otherwise, they will get contaminated with bacteria and other organisms that will compromise them, because they are typically stronger in the competition for food. Also, mushroom growers recommend storing a spore syringe in a deep freezer that maintains a constant temperature, as a frozen dry environment will keep the spores viable for a long time.  You should avoid storing spore syringes in a household fridge though, as these appliances typically have temperature cycles, which may cause spore damage.

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