Benefits of Micro-dosing Psilocybin Mushrooms

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Micro-dosing is a recent phenomenon. It involves taking a minor dose of some general hallucinogenic materials. The components contained in micro-dosing have benefits to the brain and mind. A technical explanation of a micro-dose would be a prescription of a drug that is merely 1% of the active dose.

Some of the classic hallucinogens used during micro-dosing include lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) or psilocybin mushrooms, or magic mushroom Spores. Various media reports show that micro-dosing has gained much popularity over the years.

There are minimal reports and evidence-based literature on some of the side effects of micro-dosing psilocybin mushrooms. However, a few researchers have tried to discuss the benefits. Below is everything you need to know about the benefits of micro-dosing psilocybin mushrooms.

micro dosing mushrooms and mushroom spores

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Improved Mental Health

First, psychedelics are drugs used for recreational purposes. Some of the common types of psychedelics include:

  • LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide)
  • Magic mushrooms (containing the psychedelic psilocybin)
  • DMT (N, N-dimethyltryptamine, part of the spiritual medicine ayahuasca)

After taking psychedelics, you can have an intense psychological experience. They are typically known as trips.

The scientific community deems psychedelics as more than recreational drugs. They see them as effective in treating common psychiatric conditions such as stress, depression, and even anxiety.

“Micro-dosing psilocybin mushrooms is an effective therapy for alleviating symptoms of depression.”

Most studies conducted have been in terms of surveys or animal research. The surveys have explored the effects of psychedelics on human beings that have tried it on their own. The results of the surveys showed affirmative results. Many participants showed decreased levels of anxiety and depression. A study conducted on animals showed that psilocybin mushroom spores reduced fear and anxiety in the animals. Even so, there is a need to try such research on humans through placebo trials. Scientifically conducting the tests will prove the drug’s efficacy. It will help us understand which doses are accurate and which ones are fatal.

Creativity with mushroom spores
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Improved Creativity

Creativity is an essential factor required in various fields and professions such as medicine and even business. Psychedelic substances such as psychedelic mushroom spores have had beneficial effects, such as promoting cognitive flexibility. As such, the substances are critical to creative thinking.

Magic mushroom spores have shown the potential to stimulate brain function and boost creativity. It is not the mushroom but the hardened part of the fungus that’s responsible for brain stimulation and the boosting of creativity. The substance does not interfere with the individual’s reasoning capability even as it stimulates the brain.

In a study conducted by the Psychedelic Society of The Netherlands, participants had three tasks to perform before and after consuming micro-doses. The participants experienced enhanced convergent thinking abilities after taking the psychedelic drug. They had better solutions and ideas to tackle the three tasks.

Aside from improving creativity, it serves individuals that have rigid patterns. Some people gave daily routines they can never abandon, and if they do, they feel disoriented and unable to function normally. Micro-doses can break habits such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Mushroom spores to help quit smoking

Quitting Other Habits

Micro-dosing psilocybin mushrooms is equally beneficial as it helps people quit habits that are harmful to their health. Some of these habits include drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. The psilocybin mushrooms can also relieve people of their need for simple stimulants like coffee.

Mushroom spores and Magic mushroom spores have been proven to help smokers drop the habit. The ingredient in mushrooms is psilocybin. It can be an effective tool to treat addictions for smokers and alcoholics. The component gives people hallucinogenic visions.

When a person takes the psilocybin mushroom spores or the pill, one experiences a euphoric feeling. As a result, the brain experiences peace and some unity. Addicts rarely have a settled mind because they are thinking about their next drug dose.

Psilocybin mushroom therapy is still in its early stages of trial, but it has shown significant results. The results surpass the normal treatment for smoking addiction, such as nicotine patches. Psilocybin rewires the brain temporarily, and all parts of the brain can function in harmony as opposed to the usual chaos that an addict experiences.

Mushroom Spores Medicinal Benefits

It has Medicinal Benefits

Psychedelic substances such as magic mushrooms have medicinal value to patients with various illnesses. For example, cancer patients deal with many other health issues that accompany cancer. They are often in distress because they have so little time to live or the chemotherapy is becoming unbearable.

Cancer treatments are overwhelming, and often they come with a myriad of side effects that the patient has to endure. In most cases, cancer patients suffer from anxiety disorders because they are afraid they may die in their sleep or even die a slow and painful death. This is especially common in patients that got their diagnosis when cancer had already advanced.

John Hopkins conducted a double-blind trial in 2016 on which established that a single dose of psilocybin was effective for cancer patients. It significantly improved the quality of life and reduced depression and anxiety in the patients. It also worked on patients with other chronic illnesses such as coronary heart disease and hypertension in cases where the patients suffered from depression and anxiety.

It’s Time to Have Randomized Placebo-controlled Trials

Most of the tests conducted and the outcomes recorded were sourced from surveys of people who had tried the drug independently. This is not enough as the tests need to have a scientific basis. The surveys have shown that magic mushrooms and psychedelic mushroom spores have various benefits to the human body.

There are many promising outcomes; but, it is not known when the FDA will approve psilocybin. They are right to hold off on approval because psilocybin has damaging effects on the cardiovascular system. It can also result in permanent psychological problems for the individuals.

Nonetheless, the benefits are many. They are worth putting the time and effort into randomized placebo-controlled trials. Scientists can come up with quick solutions to control the side effects while the individual is on psychedelic drugs.

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