Can Mushroom Spore Syringes “Go Bad”?


JUNE, 2023

Mushroom spores are a type of fungal propagules that are produced to ensure that fungus reproduction takes place. The mushroom spores are contained in a syringe filled with a sterile liquid which allows for their easy storage and usage. Since mushroom spore syringes are essentially a type of living organism, people often wonder whether they can “go bad”.

The answer to this question is that while the mushroom spore syringes can lose vitality over time, they do not “go bad” in the sense that they rot or become completely inactive. The spores within the syringe stay in a dormancy state and can remain in this form for quite some time. As the spores age however, their vitality does decrease, meaning that the syringe’s effectiveness in propagating mushroom spores decreases over time. In fact, after about a year, the mushroom spores will most likely not be as successful in propagating mushrooms as a more newly purchased syringe.

Because of this, it is important to store mushroom spores in a cool and dark environment to preserve their maximum vitality. It is also important to keep the syringe from exposure to light and temperature fluctuation to prevent the spores from having their effectiveness reduced. Additionally, syringes should be tightly sealed and not opened for extended periods of time in order to maintain spore syringe vitality.

In conclusion, while mushroom spore syringes do not “go bad” in the traditional sense, their effectiveness does decrease as they age. Therefore, it is important to store them properly in order to maintain their maximum effectiveness.

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