Working with mushroom spores can be a complex job even for experienced mycologists, not just because the special knowledge required for this type of research, but also because spores are very delicate and you will have to handle them with much care.

You can purchase spores from reliable manufacturers. They mostly come into two forms – spore syringes and spore prints.

spore syringe

The quality of the initial spore syringe you purchase is essential.  If you have a good spore syringe, with viable spores that have not been opened and/ or contaminated, you should be able to store it even for a couple of years, in a proper environment. On the other hand, if you have a bad syringe, you may not be able to do anything with it and it will likely end up in the trash bin, rather sooner than later.

As mentioned before, a spore syringe should be stored in a proper environment. But what does it mean?

Many people think that freezing their spores is the best way to preserve their original properties, but you should know that this is almost always a bad idea. The best environment to store a spore syringe is in the refrigerator. Additionally, even if a properly sealed syringe, made in a sterile environment, could be used even a couple of years after purchasing it, you should not wait that long. It is highly recommended to study your spores as soon as possible after receiving them.

*Our mushroom spores are sold for microscopic use only. Anyone purchasing our spores with the intention of using them in an illegal manner will be denied future purchasing privileges.

Psilocybin spores are legal in most States. It is your responsibility to follow the laws within your state, country, region.

Please do not inquire about instructions on how to grow mushrooms. We do not provide that type of information. Any buyer that mentions an intent to use our spores to grow mushrooms will be denied future purchasing privileges. Our psilocybe mushroom spores are for microscopic research and identification purposes only.

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The possession of psilocybe mushroom spores is illegal in the states of California, Idaho, and Georgia without the proper permissions. Orders placed to any of these states will be denied.

Psilocybe Mushroom Spores are offered with a stability and cleanliness guarantee. Should you find your spore sample to be unstable or contaminated please contact us and we will make arrangements for replacement.