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Gourmet restaurants are for the pretentious, so the food here is exquisite when it comes to taste and presentation. Chefs use rare and expensive ingredients to give unique and special flavors to their dishes, and, when it comes to mushrooms, truffles are the ones that best fit in this context.

The story of truffles began 4,000 years ago, when, with their strongly aromatic taste, they conquered the Sumerians. Since then, they continued to be in great demand, being considered the black gold of the luxury kitchen.

It wasn’t just the Sumerians who valued them enormously. The Babylonians were organizing lavish parties in honor of these mushrooms, 3 millennia ago. In Ancient Rome, Cicero considered them as “children of the earth”, while the historian Pliny the Elder saw them as a gift of heaven.

The benefits of including truffles in your diet are numerous, as they are rich in important nutrients and antioxidants, they have antibacterial properties , can help eliminating cancer cells and reduce inflammation.

A classic way of preparing truffles in gourmet restaurants is by adding them to the cream-based sauces that absorb their flavor and combining them with pasta or rice that balance the taste.

Truffles can also be preserved in olive oil or truffle butter, which are also amazing ingredients.

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