Aaron Rodgers’ Challenging Journey to Self Love & Mental Health


AUGUST, 2022

Taking care of your mental health can be tricky because it is all about self-love. It’s how to love myself unconditionally. Until I love myself that way, there is no loving other’s the same way. Aaron Rodger is a two-time Superbowl winner who is also the MVP. We will take you through his path to enlightenment through the use of psychedelics like Ayahuasca.

So when he shows up to practice, it comes from the heart. Those who want you to succeed also comes from the heart.

Be Unapologetically Yourself

Aubrey Marcus is the host. He flat out asks, “psychedelics are not what athletes in their prime do. So why’d you do it?”

To Aaron, he said it’s about living your best life and giving yourself the permission slip to be your authentic self. Whatever that looks like for yourself.

It’s about self-love and letting people see behind the veil, to see how much we’re alike, and it’s about finding the truth and accepting that and making it a part of you. As fears are released, it becomes more beneficial to be who you are without that fear constantly hanging over you.

With self-doubt or self-caused pain, there is an injustice in the false narrative.

The most painful lies are about ourselves. They’re the little things that push our buttons because we know them as untrue. Some stick with you more than others.

The freedom to speak of what’s important to him is everything. The interactions with the fans are excellent, and he is grateful for the chance to talk about things that aren’t all about different processes. The latest incidence is how he can influence others.

“It’s about self-love and letting people see behind the veil, to see how much we’re alike, and it’s about finding the truth and accepting that and making it a part of you. As fears are released, it becomes more beneficial to be who you are without that fear constantly hanging over you.”

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Aaron’s Athletic Development

Aaron dreamt about playing football before becoming a starting quarterback. He dreamt of playing at Florida State. The things about him that count are more important, like, dedication, focus, heart, mental toughness, physical toughness, conditioning, and decision-making. Use a narrow focus to stay within the moment. Aaron had his pictures of his dreams and broke them down to manageable bits, knowing what I am capable of. Go out and expect excellence in all you do. Don’t pick mediocre. Dream of the NFL playing on a Sunday night.

Figure Out Your Why

The route for all areas of knowledge is why? Figure out your why and why you do what you do. Why do you want to be great? In any endeavor, like playing chess or studying astronomy. What is at the root of this, what is essential, and what are people successfully doing? Break them down and make them into things you can handle. Ex. Connor McGregor says he’s unbeatable. And he forgets every step required, which causes a difference in whether or not he can follow through on his words.

Aaron was dedicated to bodily function and positions. He has to be steadier on his lower body. So focus on what your biases are so that you are not caught up in failure. As how Aaron’s work ethic is, Aubrey sees the extra effort and applauds his evolution.

Ancient Greece, Holistic Medicine, and Miracles

In ancient Greece, they had all these deities. They would start with the soul, mind, and then body. Medicine has a lot of that backward thinking; they deal with the physical, mind, and soul in that order. They left room for miracles, like limbs reconstructed, hearing better, or seeing again. But, in modern medicine they don’t leave room for the divine.

Modern medicine undermines the concept of miracle, for example, spontaneous remission. We saw it. It can’t be a miracle, there has to be a placebo effect, and the language that supports it isn’t used. Instead, they are commenting on miracles as if their statistical flukes. Damage sticks to our bodies. It stays in certain areas causing energy-changing issues.

The healing effect of vitamin D has been proved, and there are places where we were holding onto energy that needs to pour out for healing. There is an emotional catharsis that needs releasing, whether through massage or other practices and connections. Aaron says the energy of emotions can be released and cause a significant improvement.

There is a set way of dealing with people having tragic minds and circumstances. They locked a girl up in a mental institution. They are treating the wrong thing, and medicine is a one size fits all. So this wasn’t the best choice for healing.

Regarding psychedelics, we are going forward with the medical models that don’t work. They recommend three treatments of psychedelics, and within a few treatments, the person is cured. We are just scratching the surface of psychedelic healing.

Healing mentally, increasing your self-love, focusing on the body’s energy spots, and asking the energy to dissipate is essential for true holistic healing.

From Ayuhausca to Back to Back MVP

Aubrey and Aaron stayed in touch. Aaron had an Ayuasca journey which was right before two MVP seasons back to back Doesn’t believe in coincidence there are signs all the time. You just have to be receptive to them.

Some people are afraid to do Ayuasaca due to the fact you may shit yourself or repeatedly vomit, but that is the wrong way to approach it. Instead, think of your self-love and healing journey and how your mind becomes open and more receptive to the world around you.

Aaron went on a journey to Peru, more specifically Macchu Picchu. They climbed the mountain on one side and looked down into the ruins. They then went to an ayahuasca ritual. He knew he would never be the same. It brought him self-love and gratitude and set him on his course so he could return to his job with more perspective. And he feels Ayahuasca has given him the best season of his life. He went with the intention of wanting to feel what pure love feels like. And he felt hundreds of hands of his ancestors touching him. He felt love.

Aubrey then gives a spiel on how they aren’t trying to get everyone on Ayuascha. He says it is a personal choice, and just because it went well for someone, that is not always the case.

Aubrey had a harrowing experience that caused him to have flashes of all the different ways he could die. One was bugs crawling into his eyeballs and then bursting. Eels then started burrowing into his sides and started eating his organs out. He was also climbing in a palm tree with spikes, and he slipped and fell all the way down to the tree, sliding and ripping his genitalia apart. Lastly, he had a vision that he got cancer and may die. A woman puked on him. But eventually, he felt entrapped by Gaia and healed.

Aaron felt that it was not definitely for everyone. But the blueprint the trip showed to him came true.

Aaron talks about a specific game; they were the leader in the fourth quarter. He goes on to talk about his intense deep love for the game. He looked around the stadium and felt elation and extreme passion, “Why wouldn’t you be romantic about the game.”

The Warrior Poet

Aaron talks about how he loves poetry; his favorite is “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. He’s never thought of himself as a Warrior Poet. But this particular game was exceptional, and he didn’t care about the score. He just marveled at how much he loved the game. When it comes to Warrior Poets, the poet is always the heart and thoughts of the game, while the warrior is the courageous aspect.

A warrior led the team through the game, but the poet led them to help everyone transcend a more extraordinary love into a bigger truth

“The big thing is that we all wanted to be seen for ourselves, so when others recognize us, it helps us open up our heart to connect with another.” It means a lot to have people reach out after a game. But to be reached out and feel seen provides a more significant connection.

Aaron used to have a personal motto “kill them with indifference.” That doesn’t work. He was acting. Because he cares so deeply about how he shows up in the world, and Aaron cares about the person Aaron was and is seen, heard, and understood by the person he sees himself. This person he pretended he was was just a façade. It wasn’t about caring about the detractors or people who have issues.

When Aubrey and Aaron have an ayahuasca trip, the first is an ego killer between Aaron and the voice inside his head that says he’s a shitty person and all these negative things. And it was really tough on him and broke him into pieces. He finally broke and made peace with the possibility that all the lies he was telling himself could be true and real. How could anyone in the room still love me? Then came another voice, if you are at the lowest of low, you still deserve love.

The medicine of Ayahuasca is counter-intuitive. It helps you learn a lesson in a space where you are safe and healthy. Ayahuasca has shown him to love himself truly unconditionally. That’s the greatest gift you can do for others. The knowing of Ayahuasca comes from doing. He doesn’t recommend it for everyone.

Modelling Unconditional Self Love & The Masculine and Feminine

I am myself from my field of consciousness, and the I love myself is the field of love. Once you know that you have the key code of genuine mental health

Modeling self-love is a redefining of what a man is. Modeling positivity, growth, and prosperity give people the guidance and the permission to do the same.

To view yourself as flawed and allow yourself to feel that, you get a sense of freedom. Feeling emotions means being open to other opportunities. The depth of the feelings lets you be vulnerable and connect.

To be alive is to feel these emotions. Just to sit with them and be aware. The depth of all these emotions is what it means to be alive.

We have to invite the divine feminity in and redefine masculine qualities. Allow ourselves to be the macho man, but also to feel our feelings and step away from the fears that are holding us back. We want to demonstrate this to the next generation of men.

There is a deep involvement of the feminine characteristics. Embrace emotions that are more feminine and masculine. We need to permit ourselves to feel both aspects. We should do this almost reverently. Yes, there are toxic feminine and masculine elements, but we can’t forget the celebration of the masculine and feminine.

When Aubrey collected My Little Ponies as a kid, his parents did not squash the idea, so he was permitted to act upon both his masculine and feminine sides. Absolute reverence is needed to celebrate these two aspects.

In a dominant masculine activity like the NFL, the feminine is missing, and we aren’t whole as alpha dogs. We need to have emotions, feelings, and vulnerability. By repressing this other part, we aren’t allowing ourselves to be complete.

Taking psychedelics like Ayahuasca, also called a grandmother spirit, took Aaron on a trip through their past, present, and future lives. He was able to ask questions and had a beautiful experience. The first night he had ego death. The second night was pure bliss, but the third night was a rebirth. It provided him with incredible grief of my life as he knew it, and now he could see a new path and trajectory. After he purged, he felt like a million bucks. He enjoyed the beauty of the early Costa Rican dawn and felt like he was walking on the air.

Allowing Yourself to Grieve

People avoid grief. It’s like the phoenix. We may turn to dust, but we will rise again and will have to grieve what we were before to see the future more clearly. Ayahausca is not transcendence. It is being aware of what you were and truly leaving something behind to fully transcend into the next iteration. Grieve for what was and then celebrate the new thing. This is the cycle that moves you up the upward spiral.

We can have our walls and still have the love and barriers to find ways to build the bridges back into another loving place.

Gratitude and Acknowledging Flaws

Aaron does believe in healing and recognition among families, But every step should have hope for the future, and we will have to deal with our families in our ways. Deep love and gratitude for your family open ways of viewing your family from a different perspective.

Giving our opinions on people are like giving a book review for a book you haven’t read. Things you haven’t experienced firsthand should be taken with a grain of salt.

When we grow up, we view our parents as perfect people, but as you grow older, you begin to see your parents as flawed individuals.

Aaron believes that we can’t understand unconditional love until we understand the flawed nature of humans. In the thorns, mundane experience, and simplicity, we learn how to love people unconditionally. The core is that we are all flawed people, but there are opportunities to see these flaws and love people unconditionally in all your relationships.

When You Heal Your Grievance With The Divine

We are participatory throughout the cosmos. We are part of the divine head and can feel all the manifestations. But you can also hold a grievance against God that may hold you back. By denying the divine in me, it prevents God from enjoying life through me by holding me back in particular instances.

When Aubrey tracked the core of the problem, he realized he was deifying people so that when they act up imperfectly, they will get hurt and create a blockage. We should see where we set people up in our minds and get disappointed when they fail.

When you heal your grievance with the divine and recognize the divine in us, we are letting go of the grudge.

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