Preserving spores is important for people who cultivate mushrooms. But how about magic mushrooms whose cultivation is prohibited? Well, in this case, spores are even more important, as they represent the only component of a shroom that is actually legal (at least as long as spores are still in the pre- germinating phase). Preserving them is essential for future lab research.

psychedelic mushroom spores

There are two popular methods to preserve mushroom spores: creating spore prints, or add them in a liquid sterile environment stored in a syringe. Both methods are used by mycologists to identify a fungus and its properties, as well as for growing laboratory grade mushrooms.

Spore prints can be preserved in a zip lock bag, sealed and stored at room temperature, in a very dry environment. Like this, they can last for years, if they do not get contaminated. Syringes, on the other hand, must be kept in the fridge and they will remain viable for 18-24 months.

Either way, the shelf life of psychedelic mushroom spores can be significantly prolonged by storing them in a dark, dry and cold place, which will make them dormant. They will be ready to germinate as soon as they are exposed again to oxygen, water and pleasant temperature.

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