Because of their psychedelic effects, magic mushrooms can be a touchy subject for many people. Whether you consider them primarily a drug, or you have a deeper understanding of their health related benefits, it’s important to get informed about the topic rather than just keep focused on unfounded rumors and assumptions.

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While it’s true that psilocybin is a substance that’s considered as a drug similar to mescaline and DMT, and is banned in most states because of it, that doesn’t necessarily mean that magic mushrooms are dangerous. In fact, those who use them and are fully aware of their effects, can avoid the natural psychedelic tendencies associated with psilocybin by adjusting their dosage to a safe one, and still retaining many of the benefits that the drug can offer. This practice is known as microdosing and it has been observed to improve on the symptoms of depression, while also helping users to improve their creative and cognitive skills.

Another myth about psilocybin is that its benefits have no scientific basis. On the contrary, there have been a few very well-documented scientific studies using high quality psilocybin spores for sale from reputable resources about psilocybin in the past few years, one of them showing that even small, one-time dosages can have a strong positive impact on patients suffering from severe, treatment-resistant depression. Other research also focused on PTSD, OCD, chronic anxiety and various forms of fears and addictions, with remarkably positive results.

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