Growing mushrooms for food can be an exciting and very educational experience. If you get the process right, you might also be able to grow a substantial and healthy culture. Here are a few things you can consider:

where do mushroom spores come from

  1. Research the ideal mushrooms for your local area. You have a better chance that way to make sure the cultures are healthy and the mushroom growth will unfold without a hitch. Some examples of mushrooms you could look into include morels, porcinis or chanterelles mushrooms.
  2. Purchase good quality mushroom spore syringes. The quality will determine the spore concentration, as well as how long you can safely store the mushroom spores before they become unusable. But where do mushroom spores come from in the wild? Good news is that you can look at Shaman Mushroom Spores for 100% customer satisfaction on best selling mushroom spores.
  3. Get a proper substrate that is appropriate for growing the mushrooms in question. Some ideal substrates for edible mushrooms include soy hulls, manure, pasteurized straw and hardwood sawdust.
  4. Don’t neglect the growth process. Even though you might have done your research, chosen high quality mushroom spores and a good substrate, and ensured that the environment is ideal for growing the type of mushroom you want, it’s still possible for a lot of things to go wrong during the growth cycle. Be very careful about factors such as humidity and lighting, as well as the temperature in the place you’re growing your mushrooms. Also, make sure you harvest at the right time, so that your mushrooms can be ideally nutritious and fresh at the same time.

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