2022 was definitely a landmark year for the decriminalization of substances like psilocybin, which has been regarded as a seriously dangerous drug in the past. These days, aside from the new science that places psilocybin and magic mushrooms among the most promising substances for future research, there is also growing pressure from communities of amateur researchers and mycologists who propose that a more responsible approach towards the careful use and research of the drug is far more beneficial than it would be to keep it unconditionally banned.psilocybe spores

Colorado recently drafted legislation that will lead to magic mushrooms and various other drugs becoming legal to use as of January 4, 2023. This initial change will remove many of the criminal charges associated with the medical and recreational use of the substance psilocybin, and it will also allow people to purchase psilocybe spores legally to grow psychedelic mushrooms in their own homes, so long as it’s done on properties that are regarded by law to be private residences.

The transportation, processing and “giving away” of the drug will also be seen as legal, as long as no payment is received in exchange. State officials in Colorado still don’t know what the new legislation will lead to and whether or not any control measures might be necessary down the line. However, many retain their optimistic outlook on the matter. They point out that the move will likely help accelerate the study of magic mushrooms for health purposes without many negative consequences, especially since any actual criminal cases associated with psilocybin have always been few and far between.

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