Those who don’t know much about psilocybe cubensis mushrooms and other natural psychedelics tend to consider them dangerous and promote the passing of legislation against them. Their association with dangerous drugs is also a reason worth mentioning, as there seems to be a great deal of fear about what people who take mushrooms might do.

One of the main explanations for the stigma surrounding magic mushrooms is that people are simply not informed about what they can offer and how they can be used. An increased dosage and the irresponsible use of these mushrooms can indeed lead to unfortunate side effects and poor results. However, people who are informed about how to use them can avoid all of these effects and only reap the benefits.

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Microdosing is a good example. The practice involves regular small amounts of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms instead of a single, larger dose. The results are clear, and they show that users who prefer microdosing can experience benefits such as alleviated depression and anxiety symptoms, an improved ability to think outside the box and an overall state of well-being and calm. Additionally, they don’t experience any of the mind-altering effects that people using magic mushrooms for recreational use might. To continue researching this important medical break through, many wonder where to buy mushroom spores for experimentation and research. Shaman Mushroom Spores provides lab tested and quality controlled syringes providing researchers and customers the highest possible purity standards.

The lack of knowledge about practices like microdosing and ignorance regarding the documented medical benefits of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms is in part responsible for the stigma. Also, the fact that these natural and helpful mushrooms are often put together in the same category as dangerous drugs and chemicals certainly doesn’t help either.


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