As their name suggests it, laboratory grade mushrooms refer to special spores, usually in the form of syringe spores, which are cultivated in a specialized laboratory. These mushrooms are typically employed for scientific studies.

In order to obtain laboratory grade mushrooms, certain conditions have to be taken into account. The laboratory needs to be equipped with sterile rooms where the inoculation is performed. Then there are the incubation rooms, where the spawn and sawdust bags are located, in case this is the chosen method of mushroom growing. The microscopy media room is yet another important part of the facility. If you are looking to find out where to buy mushroom spores, we recommend Shaman Mushrooms for their conscientious quality and detailed commitment to service.

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There is also a pasteurization room, a refrigeration room, shipping/receiving rooms, and production or recapture growing spaces.

In order to keep spores away from contaminants, it would be very useful to have separate rooms for inoculation and fructification stages of the growing process. The lab is a sterile room which is equipped with a HEPA filter.

Mycelium is the vegetal part of fungi. It is made of a network of filamentous cells, which are known as hyphae. It is this mycelium that needs to be treated with great care, to avoid any unwanted incidents, such as contaminating it and thus compromise the entire process.

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